Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Technology Tool I LOVE!

When I think about a technology tool I use in my classroom, my immediate thought is our classroom set of iPads.  Prior to having iPads in my classroom, I hadn't really used an iPad.  I was aware of the potential they had in the classroom but hadn't had the opportunity to experiment with them.   After working with the iPads in my classroom, these are some of the opportunities they have brought to my classroom:

  Throughout the year my students posted about different things they were learning in the classroom.  Through their blogs, they were able to share their writing about their learning and received comments from people across the world.

Flipped Classroom
  I was able to create iBooks for the students to use in Math.  With this, students were able to watch videos I had created to explain what they were learning.  I liked this because students that needed to review a lesson were able to do it on their own so they were continually getting the extra support they needed.

Paperless Classroom
  Since the students have the capability of accessing their school email.  My classroom has become virtually paperless.  When students complete and assignment or project, they are able to email me the information or share their Google Docs with myself or other students.  This has made the workflow in my classroom run smoothly.

Apps I LOVE!!
  Notability, Google Drive, Doceri, iMovie, Comic Life, and Kid Blog


  1. I absolutely loved the idea of creating an iBook! It is a great way to differentiate instruction, provide support & challenge students. Another benefit is that you will always have the iBook you created. After learning more about docs from you as well as CCU courses, my students started using and created docs a lot more in a various subject areas. I wasn't completely paperless, but I found myself not really needing to go to the copier. I am excited to see how doctopus works and if it really is able to help the work flow of docs in my classroom. Having to have the kids make a copy, rename the doc and then share it with me led to some confusion and it was a lot of work on my part. Hopefully doctopus makes my life easier next year! I really like the ideas in your blog post and I am hoping to implement blogging as well slowly diving into a flipped classroom (in at least one subject area). Great post!

  2. Love how much you have infused technology into your classroom Sharae! Your classroom is a great place to be!