Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Virtual Field Trip of the South

Thanks to iPad technology we were able to take a Field Trip through the South.  We discovered so many new things and made so many new connections with our learning.

This is how it worked!
Mrs. Geldes created QR codes for different places to visit.  Then she put the codes all over the school for us to find.  
Here is one of the QR codes we used.

Mr. Catlett brought in a couple of iPads along with Mr. Kaulk, and Mrs. Sudduth.  Each group was given an iPad to use for the scavenger hunt.  With iPads or iPod in hand, we started the QR code scavenger hunt of the South. 


 It was so much fun finding the codes and scanning them.  Each code gave us a new place to visit.  At each stop we had to write down the place we visited and where it was located.  We used this information the following week.

On Monday, Mr. Catlett and Mrs. Feldmann made this project even more engaging by showing us Google Earth.  We took some time to review the webpage of places we visited.  Then we picked 1 place out of the 10 that was the most interesting.  We jumped on to Google Earth and flew to our destination.  In most cases we were able to use street view to explore the actual place.  It was as if we were standing in front of the actual buildings and historical sites.  It was amazing!  This virtual field trip was such a learning experience for all of us and we can’t wait to do it again.  We were able to see and discover so many places in the South that we didn’t know about before.  Thanks again to Mr. Catlett and Mrs. Feldmann for helping us with our Virtual Field Trip!


**TEACHERS!!  More information on how this was created is on Mr. Catlett’s blog.  Check it out if you want to create a QR scavenger hunt of your own!**

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  1. This was an awesome project Mrs. Geldes!! Great job! It was a pleasure working with you on it! So fun to see the kids so engaged by a simple integration of technology!