Monday, October 24, 2011

Our First Mystery Skype!

Thanks to Mr. Haney's class we were able to have our first Mystery Skype!  It was so much fun and we learned many new things.  We started our Skype by giving a quick preview of our classroom.  This gave us the chance to wave to our new friends in a different state.  Then we got down to business.  Our goal was to guess what state Mr. Haney's class was from, and they were trying to do the same.  Each class took turns sharing interesting facts about their state, places to visit, important people from our state, climate, land forms and other important information.  When we were done sharing our information we could only have one guess, and.....we got it RIGHT!  Here are some pictures of this unforgettable learning experience!  Thanks again to our new friends in Mr. Haney's class.

Reflecting our our learning!  Some of our thoughts........
  "I enjoyed it because of the way we gave facts to each other.  One of the facts was almost the exact same fact! I can't wait to do it again."

"I enjoyed hearing their accents, it was interesting"

"The Skype was really fun.  I liked how it was a mystery and we had to ask all of those questions.  I liked the end when they guessed our state and we guessed their's."

"I never knew [the state] had over 300 caves and Elvis Presley was born there."


  1. WOW!! Very cool! It looks like your class had an amazing time and I am sure learned a great deal from the "mystery" state. So which state was it?

    Great job Mrs. Geldes!

  2. FANTASTIC!!! What a great way to engage the students in research, questioning, and to make learning engaging. This lesson really comes alive with Skype. I love the comment about the accents. That is something you can't read in a book or describe to someone. It is best from a primary resource! I love the photos and the quotes from the kids you included here. Keep up the GREAT work!!!

  3. Thanks for posting on our Blog! The mystery state was Tennessee!