Thursday, January 23, 2014

Geldes Math Academy

  Today my students and I took on the challenge of ordering fractions with unlike denominators.  This entire week the students have been working with fractions and determining their common factors and multiples.  Today the students did an activity with the iPads that allowed them to move around the room and talk about their learning.

  I started the activity by putting the students in groups of 3.  Within that group, the students worked together to create 3 fractions that had different denominators.  The group then took their fractions to another group.  That group in turn discussed what the common denominator would be and told the group members what they needed to do to their fractions to create fractions with common denominators.
  As I was moving around the room, I was amazed by the math conversations I heard happening.  My students were helping their classmates solve various problems and explaining their thinking. Once the students were able to show confidence in the topic, they created an Explain Everything video to add to their math notebook on the iPad.

 I love the accessibly the students have with the iPads. The videos they have created for math have been a valuable tool for them to refer back to whenever they need a reminder on how to do a particular task in math. Their learning is always at their fingertips and the learning is something they have created. One of my students said, "We should call our math folders Geldes Academy because we make videos just like Khan."  I like the idea, Geldes Math Academy.  It has a nice ring to it, and it is an amazing showcase of my students' learning.


  1. Good for you, Sharae! I love the way your students are thinking, writing, and explaining math. What a great idea for your fraction lesson. Thanks for writing up all the details so others can replicate it. I like the sounds of it too, "Geldes Math Academy".

  2. Incredible things happening in your room! I cannot wait to see how this is going to blossom in my own classroom. As I am only in day 2 of the "roll out" I know we have a long ways to go, but I have to say I am astounded by what they can do already. I will continue to watch and learn from you, as some of your sage advice has already paid off! I love they way they are experimenting with fractions. Hmmmm, my brainwaves are flowing!

  3. Hey Sharae! Always inspiring are "M"-azing!! Love how you have kids teaching one another, talking about their learning, and moving about! Kuddos!!!